Explore the planets of deep space with

science fiction & Fantasy author

Nikki Brooke

text: Plagued Lands

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“Learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else.”

– Leonardo DaVinci

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plagued lands (book)

In a dystopian future, cities surrounded by glass bubbles promise safety from deadly diseases. But sixteen-year-old Martina uncovers a dark secret kept from the people. Now she risks her health to expose the truth and save her little brother.

Plagued Lands Movie Poster

plagued lands (film)

        From the producers of the #2 Netflix USA hit, ‘Legacy of Lies,’          Sir Marco Robinson and Undisputed Films

Written by Nikki Brooke

Explore The UNiverse

Fancy a trip to see the famous pink forests of Asyleaus? Dream of studying at the off world Interplanetary University? What about a daring adventure to Yastheria, the Yasari home planet, to save Earth from their wrath?

With the discovery of Donvae Waves your dream could become reality. Donvae Waves, otherwise known as D-Waves, can transport matter at speeds never before believed possible. Travel 79 lightyears to Asylaeus in only 4 weeks! It’s the safest form of travel and you’ll be in complete comfort.

Imagine beholding the beauty of Earth from afar or the intrigue of Asylaeus from orbit. Once you arrive you have the option to hike the pink forests; kayaking the aqua cascades; or ride the ethereal horse-like equinettes.

Space Tour Destinations

Earth Orbit – Short tour

Gaze on our beautiful blue planet from afar as you tour around the circumference of the planet. See the twinkling lights of cities in the darkness and travel around to view the surface in full sunlight where you can try to spot your home country. This tour will take your breath away.

Asyleaus – Three month tour

Travel by D-Waves to Asylaeus where you will spend one month exploring the wonders of the planet. Visit the pink forests, aqua cascades, and the site of the first settlers, the location of the massacre of Asylaeus. Note that travel to and from Asylaeus takes 4 weeks each way.

Yastheria – Six month tour (cancelled)

Due to conflicts between Earth and the Yasari this tour is not recommended at this time. Travel to Yastheria is restricted due to the volatile security situation; very high risk of violence; and armed conflict.