text: Plagued Lands
Now being adapted into a feature film

Releasing late 2024


In a dystopian future, cities surrounded by glass bubbles promise safety from deadly diseases. Martina, a resilient sixteen-year-old from Colombia, struggles to support herself and her younger brother after the death of their parents. Especially with the rising cost of the mandatory medications.

But when Martina spots a lone figure outside the safety of the bubble without a hazmat suit, her steadfast faith in their refuge is thrown into disarray. She worries for her brother’s safety. She can’t bear to lose him too. She’s determined to find the truth lurking beyond their sanitized sanctuary and ensure his protection.

Martina encounters unexpected allies on her mission. Among them is Nathan, a nomad whose unconventional ways intrigue her, and Persephone, a determined pharmacy student with a shared desire for truth. As their paths intertwine, Martina finds herself drawn to both.

Will Martina’s quest for answers unveil the salvation she seeks, or lead her into deeper peril? Can she protect the people she cares about?

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