(advance reader copies)


Do you issue a physical ARC?

Most ARCs will be in ebook format. However, there are two competitions held to win a physical copy and some book swag. Please see the “Competition” section below.

Do I have to leave a review?

No, but it would be greatly appreciated if you do. Supplying ARCs is a way to get reviews, which helps authors reach more readers. And it would be the greatest way to say “thanks” for a free book. It doesn’t need to be long; one sentence is enough unless you feel the urge to write more. Plus you have the opportunity to win a signed copy (details below).

When and where can I leave reviews?

 – Goodreads (reviews can be left at any time)

 – Amazon (reviews can be submitted only once the book is released)

 – Anywhere else you like leaving reviews.

Both Amazon and Goodreads allow you to rank the book out of 5. However, actual reviews are much more useful for authors as reviews have a bigger impact on the algorithms. So if you can leave a short review, it would be much appreciated. It can be as simple as, “I loved this book,” or even “this book wasn’t for me.”

Should I say I received an ARC in my review?

You don’t have to. In fact, it’s best if you don’t use transactional language such as “in exchange for” because this is against Amazon rules and can get authors in trouble.

What should I say in my review?

Please write whatever you feel about the book. I want to assure you that no matter what your review says, I will not contact you or respond negatively to your feedback. Your honest opinion is valuable, and I respect your right to share it without interference from me.

What if I spot a typo or inconsistency?

Please inform me if you find any typos. Despite my fantastic editor, some errors may still slip through. Plus you have the opportunity to win a signed copy if you find the most typos (details below).

I absolutely loved this book. How can I further support you?

Thank you so much! The best way to support my work is by helping spread the word about it. If you can, please share it on your social media, recommend it to friends, or suggest it to anyone looking for book recommendations. You may even want to mention it to your local bookstore, library, or school. And come cheer about it on my social media posts @nikkibrookeauthor on Instagram, Facebook and Tiktok.

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arc competitions

ARCs are issued in ebook format. However, there are two competitions to win a physical copy.

1. Enter the great typo hunt. Whoever finds the most typos wins. 

I will reward the person who identifies the most typos with a signed paperback copy and some swag! To participate, send all typo notes to two weeks before the release date. Be sure to include the full sentence with each typo, as this helps me locate it more easily in the document. Participation is optional, but feel free to join if you enjoy spotting typos.

 2. Anyone who submits a screenshot of their review with their mailing address to goes into the draw for a physical copy (there’s a handful up for grabs). These will be put through a random selector generator, so everyone has an equal chance, regardless of what you say in the review. Reviews must be submitted within 2 weeks from the release of the book.


Winners will be announced in my newsletter and on social media after the competition ends.