One World, Our World – Book 1 in the One World series

Currently seeking publication for this completed manuscript.

The Yasari have attacked Earth. Paris is obliterated. No-one believed they would travel so far and bring the war with them.

The Earth military responds by conscripting millions of humans to the war. With brute force they intend to take back the world and rule the universe.

Kera lived a peaceful life in Australia. She had great parents, friends she loved, and a perfect boyfriend. But after the attack her parents are forced into the military, and Kera is sent to boarding school, away from her boyfriend and everything she loves. She thought she had lost everything, but she didn’t know she had more to lose.

Now Kera is left to navigate this ruthless new world.

Untitled Novel – Book 2 in the One World series

Kera went head-to-head with the Yasari in High School. On her body and her soul she bears the scars of being bombed and shot at. Her life was destroyed. All because of the Yasari.

Now she wants revenge.

Kera has discovered a way to improve the military’s weapons. The technology would give the Spaceforce an enormous advantage over the Yasari and help Earth win the war. But first, Kera needs to prove to the Spaceforce she is a worthy recruit and her theory will work. And she needs to get to Asylaeus to do it.

The Massacre of Asylaeus – the prequel novella of One World, Our World

Monique is the youngest scientist invited to work on the planet Asylaeus during Earth’s attempt to colonise the planet. It’s exciting but there’s a lot of pressure on her to prove herself.

Asylaeus is so beautiful, that Monique feels like she’s in a fairy tale. Even the indigenous equinettes, the gorgeous horse-like animals, seem to be mythical creatures.

But the humans aren’t the only one’s impressed by Asylaeus. Another race, the Yasari, are also interested in colonising the planet. But can the humans trust them?

Monique struggles to recognise who is friend and who is foe when her fairy tale turns into a nightmare.

Untitled Novel – a world after Covid-19

Why is there a man outside? How is he outside? He’s not wearing a hazmat suit or any protective wear. How is he alive?

In a world long after Covid-19 the cities are surrounded by protective bubbles to shield its citizens against the diseases that lurk outside. No one can go outside unprotected without falling ill and dying.

But Martina saw him. Through the dusty windows of the sterilised bus, a man walked leisurely across the desert. He wasn’t coughing or sneezing, in fact he didn’t look sick at all.

Martina can’t get the sight of the man out of her mind. She needs to know how the man could survive. Is he special? Or is the world not as it seems?