International Day of the Girl – 11 October

Hey Girls! It’s International Day of the Girl! Let’s celebrate you!

International Day of the Girl is designed to promote empowerment of girls, enabling them to live freely without prejudice and exploitation. The day is to advocate for equality and basic human rights, such as education and bodily autonomy.

The purpose of International Day of the Girl is to put a spotlight on the unique challenges girls face across the globe. It is to highlight the challenges, dangers, discrimination, and injustices that plague young girls, with a special focus on child marriage and the countries where it is common place.

Around the world millions of girls are being excluded from schools, denied education, denied choice, forced into marriage, sold, beaten, raped.

If you’re a guy, why should it matter to you?

Other than being a good bloke, there are several studies that show how economies would improve if girls and women were empowered. Educating girls means more women working and the potential to contribute $12 trillion USD to global growth as reported by the Malala Fund It also reduces the spread of HIV as educated girls are less likely to contract the virus. Plus, the Brookings Institution research suggests that additional education for girls is the best investment for reducing climate change.

Plus, girls are awesome!

If you’d like to do something to celebrate the International Day of the Girl there are loads not-for-profits dedicated to helping girls to obtain education, and live safe and healthy lives – check out the Malala Fund or any others that interested you. You can either donate some time or money, or if you don’t have either of those, then just talk about some of these issues with your friends and family, or share social media posts about the day and its purpose. Any contribution helps to shed a light on these issues.