Why Science Fiction?

Why Science Fiction? This is a question that I get asked when I’m talking about what I am writing.

My answer: Why peppermint over chocolate? Why pizza over curry? Why dogs over cats? Why do any of us like anything? We all have different preferences and like different things and sometimes we can’t explain why.

For me, I can’t completely explain why I like science fiction. It’s just the kind of story that draws me in more than others. I’d much prefer to watch a sci fi tv series to a crime one. And I’d rather read or write a sci fi story than any other genre.

However, I can identify some things that I love about the genre.

  • The story can take place anywhere and can be wild and creative and completely unheard of before. But so can fantasy and I do love fantasy too, but not quite as much.
  • Although sci fi can be fantastical, it is also grounded by science. It needs to seem like a realistic prospect; maybe not with the technology we have today, but someday. What happens can’t be explained solely by magic it has to feel possible.
  • It presents some amazing and sometimes scary possible futures for mankind (and aliens).
  • It makes me wonder what technology will we have, like Artificial Intelligence, computers synced directly with our brains, transfers of consciousness, cloning… I could go on and on. And the cool thing is, some of the stuff thought up by sci fi writers have actually become reality (although we’re still waiting on hoverboards to be mass produced).
  • I’m completely awed by Space. It’s so big and empty and at the same time so full! There are so many planets, stars, black holes and all manner of things we don’t understand yet. And, of course, aliens!
  • Time travel……………………Oh, I didn’t think that needed any further explanation because it’s so cool!

There is also a lot of crossover from science fiction into other genres; drama, thriller, action, horror, crime, comedy. I like to write a bit of romance into mine, because deep down I’m a hopeless romantic.

There is so much possibility that writing science fiction allows you to be incredibly creative. It makes you think, what could our future hold? And I come up with so many ideas when I ask myself that questions, mysterious places, strange people and creatures, problems and solutions.

And I can let my imagination go wild!